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Committee elections in the summer semester 2023

Welcome to the election portal of the University of Heidelberg.

If you would like to find out more before the election, you can do so at

Otherwise, you will receive your personalized link to your ballot(s) for the committee elections

  1. Election to the Senate of Heidelberg University in the voter groups
    1. Students
    2. Enrolled doctoral students
  2. Elections to all faculty councils in voter groups
    1. Students
    2. Enrolled doctoral students
  3. Elections to the faculty council of the Faculty of Engineering in the electoral groups of other employees and academic employees

Only those persons who are members of a faculty within the meaning of Section 22 (3) LHG are entitled to vote in the respective electoral group.

By logging in, I confirm:

  1. I am entitled to vote.
  2. I will make the choice personally.
  3. I vote unobserved and in compliance with voting secrecy.
  4. I guarantee that I have made the best possible efforts to protect my device against viruses and spamware.
  5. Criminal acts in connection with the election can lead to a criminal complaint, I hereby acknowledge this.

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